Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

Marital Counseling Questions

My spouse refuses to come to marital counseling, and says it's okay if I come by myself. Is there any value in my attending couples therapy alone?
We just got engaged, and we want to give our marriage the best chance for success. Do you provide premarital therapy?
How long will couples or marital counseling take?
What happens in the first session?
We went to one or two marital counseling sessions in the past and it felt like the therapist was taking sides with one of us. Does that happen in your therapy process?
But what about cheating! Isn't that the fault of the partner who went outside the relationship?
Do you work with sexual issues?

Individual Counseling Questions

How often should I come for counseling sessions?
I have tried counseling before for my depression and anxiety. How will counseling with you be different?
I never received much encouragement when I was growing up. I always wonder whether I am good enough -- at work and in my relationships. How can counseling help me achieve goals I really want?