Welcome to insights into the most successful, scientifically based approach to helping couples move their relationship from distress to renewed closeness, connection and joy.


Unraveling Relationship

For some time, you may have been experiencing an unraveling in your relationship — perhaps more arguing, greater distance from each other, reduced feelings of security together and a breakdown in communication on matters small and large.

Hopeless Feelings

If you’re feeling hopeless, you are not alone. Many couples experience the fear that their marriage is drifting further apart — and yet they’re mystified how they have become so separate, so alone, so hurt and so overcome by such great sadness.

Struggling Alone

Many couples struggle with how to improve their marriage on their own. Getting to the real source of relationship heartache can be challenging, indeed.

Most Importantly, There's Good News in Hudson Valley for Your Marriage.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) offers the leading, proven approach to helping couples learn to move from discord and disagreement to closeness and reconnection . . . From walking on eggshells to talking from their hearts.

Improve your marriage with Chaye

Monsey, NY

“ I invite you to learn more about this powerful approach to rebuilding your marriage, for effective premarital counseling and for learning to communicate your needs and wants to create a vibrant, joyful future together.

I fully understand that it’s a big step for many couples to seek couples counseling. I am always glad to answer any questions you may have. To help us get acquainted, I offer a no-cost phone consultation.”

Join the thousands who credit EFT for improving
their relationships.

Chaye Gewirtzman – LCSW

EFT is the most successful and most researched method of helping couples.

EFT helps couples:

Reduce unproductive arguing and conflict

Solve problems as a team

More effectively handle life transitions, including first baby, empty nest and retirement

Recover and heal from hurtful events, including infidelity

Reconnect emotionally and physically and improve intimacy.

Learn to parent as a team and improve communication with your children.

This non-blaming, gentle yet effective approach is:

Brief and short-term compared to other methods

Avoids blame of either spouse

Opens a new level of understanding of each other

Uses the best of research-based theory in a way couples can easily grasp and put into daily practice

Can promote more positive parenting while also modeling a happy, healthy relationship for the children

Helps couples learn to resolve new issues in the future after therapy has completed

Hope for Individuals, Too

I also work with individuals using a highly effective approach to address struggles with depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem and insecurity and a range of personal challenges that are keeping you from being more successful in relationships and at work.

We also can work to resolve the impact of childhood trauma on your well-being today as an adult.
We can work to help you learn to be happier and emotionally healthier, to better handle the ups and downs of dating, to be more successful in your career and to work toward accomplishing a range of important personal goals.

I offer a no-cost phone consultation for individuals as well.

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What I'd Like You to Know

I realize that making that first call to a relationship or individual counselor is not easy. We know that couples may wait years before seeking professional help. Individuals hesitate as well.

My hope is that you will spend time on these pages to learn more about my careful choices of the methods in which I pursued advanced training. Even more importantly, I invite you to learn about me — how I work to help you feel comfortable, to be able to explore feelings and emotions that are deeply personal and to work toward healing and moving through the emotional barriers to greater happiness.