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School: NYU
License No. and State: 083665 New York

Training and Certifications

Certified EFT Therapist
Ackerman Institute for the Family
AEDP for Couples and Individuals

Meet Chaye Gewirtzman


As you read these pages, you’ll notice that the therapy methods I use in my practice have a common — and important — theme:

There is a strong scientific base in my chosen approaches to helping couples and individuals work toward achieving the goals that brought them to seek professional help. And of equal importance, these approaches create a warm, sensitive environment in the therapy room — enabling couples and individuals to feel as comfortable as possible in working through the challenges they are facing.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the most successful approach for helping couples. This brief method helps couples more deeply understand each other (and themselves). Incorporated into this process is the importance of understanding the attachment bond created when they fell in love; how to better control their emotional responses to challenging events in their marriage or relationship through using the principles of neuroscience; and how to change destructive communication patterns into conversations that can make a positive difference. I chose the rigorous path of becoming a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy professional to offer my clients a higher level of expertise.

When I work with individuals, I use an approach based in key scientific principles that also has its roots in attachment theory and neuroscience. Counseling can address concerns related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem and confidence. For individuals who struggle with relationship issues, this method helps in the discovery of how you can be more effective in building and maintaining healthy romantic and interpersonal relationships.

Most important, however, is that research also tells us that the relationship developed with the therapist plays a vital role in meeting counseling goals. I am wholly committed to helping my clients achieve their objectives. Creating trust and an emotionally safe environment are the foundation of my practice.

I am well aware that my clients show incredible courage and strength by coming to therapy, and I strive to respect your needs throughout our work together. My goal is to help you become stronger together as a couple or more confident and happy as an individual. You can learn to be more adept at interpreting your emotions and understanding the role emotions play in all your interactions.

On the personal side, my husband and I recently celebrated our 43rd anniversary. We have six adult children and grandchildren.

Chaye Gewirtzman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified EFT Therapist

Additional Credentials

School: NYU
License No. and State: 083665 New York

Training: EFT & AEDP
Location: Ackerman Institute Clinic

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